H95-2 Street tumble dryer

A hand-driven road dryer to facilitate small-scale marking work, even in wet conditions.

Powerful and cost-effective thanks to diesel engine drive

Can be operated as a stand-alone unit as it is possible to operate without a separate compressor

Drying unit enables drying in kerbside areas

With its practical fusing function, marking foils can be removed easily

Drying width: approx. 30 cm,
optionally: approx. 50 cm

Technical features

Hatz 1-cylinder diesel engine 232 cm3, air-cooled

2.8 kW at 2300 r.p.m.

Fan output: 10500 l/min at an outlet temperature of approx. 600° C

Dimensions (L x W x H mm): 2200 x 800 x 1100

Weight: approx. 185 kg

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