Hofmann H75/25 road marking machine

Hand-driven marking machine for small applications, as a supplement to the self-propelled machine for marking with thermoplastic paints.

Tank and gun indirectly heated with transmitter oil which, in turn, is heated by a propane gas burner.

Adjustable gun ground clearance

Sphere dispenser: available as an option

Line width: from 10 to 30 cm

Technical features

Air and gas supply via hoses, directly from a marking machine, or from a compressor / cylinder station

Minimum air flow rate: approx. 600 l/min

ball tank: 20 l

Available as option: pressurised ball tank: 22 l (max. 1.0 bar)

Dimensions (L x W x H mm): 1500 x 1050 x 1150

Weight: approx. 250 kg

Capacities: Sprayable thermoplastic paints up to 25 l.


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