MALCOM 4/4E Control and Documentation Unit

MALCON4/4E is a multifunctional device consisting of:

  • Electronic length controller for defining line strokes and line intervals

for manual, semi-automatic and automatic marking

  • Paint quantity control unit
  • Documentation unit

MALCON4/4E can perform fully automatic country-specific markings of up to 3 parallel lines.

Data export is possible via PDA, USB stick or GPS/GSM module (Location via GPS and data transmission via GSM) for marking and thickness tests.

Program changes during the marking operation are possible, whereby the stroke-interval cycle must end before the start of the new program.

If you want two programs to run in parallel (e.g. for the execution of a gutter marking during the marking process), this is also possible with MALCON4/4E. This means that even two different line combinations are possible.

The direction of travel recognition ensures that the machine can be manoeuvred with confidence when the programme is in a line-interval. This allows you to start marking at the correct point again.

Switching the guns on or off during marking. The start-trace of the switched-on gun and the end-trace of the switched-off gun work synchronously.

– Acknowledgement system
– Reversing camera
– MultiDotLine® control

Recording and monitoring of the current flow rate of the metering pumps for:

1-component cold paints and sprayable 2c cold plastic paints (piston pump) in low-pressure (Airspray) and high-pressure (Airless) processes
2c cold plastic paints (bellows pump)

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