Thermoplastic gun Kamber 2000

This gun is made of material that conducts heat perfectly and withstands up to 300 °C. It has a pneumatic
pneumatic locking system to ensure a very fast action.

This nipple, specially made of hardened steel for high hardness, is available with a 4 mm slit and two variants: the first nipple with a 25.5 mm long slit and the second with a 38 mm long slit.
variants: the first nozzle with a 25.5 mm long slit and the second nozzle with a 38 mm long slit with chamfer.
with chamfer. This nozzle can also be produced in tungsten carbide (on request only).
The gun has two possible inlets for the product and a brass heating element for the head of the gun (3/8″ connection for the
(3/8″ connection for thermal oil). It can be supplied with product with pressure tank or with low pressure pump.
low pressure pump. Possibility of mounting a tungsten carbide system to limit the line width (option).
– For thermoplastic, use a hose with a double sheath to conserve heat.
– Use a diffusion pressure between 6 and 8 bar.
– Use a control pressure of 5 bar

Technical features

Dimensions: 420 x 120 mm
Weight: 6.0 kg

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