Pistola Pintura Automaticas Aire 84

Automatic Paint Spray Guns Air Kamber 84

Kamber automatic spray gun for road markers. This manual gun is compatible with all types of paints, thanks to its stainless steel circuit. Consult our technical service for compatibility with your signalling equipment.

Kamber is the leading brand in high performance, high quality and sustainable paint, thermoplastic and microbead spray guns.


External nozzles are available in stainless steel or tungsten carbide to meet all your line width and performance needs. Carbide nozzles have a much higher durability than steel nozzles (about 4 times). The external nozzle is chosen according to the diameter of the paint nozzle (see the list of nozzles on our website). An inlet is provided for rinsing the head (recommended for water-based paints). The cover of this inlet will be replaced by a connection (on request). Possibility of mounting a tungsten carbide system to limit the width of the line (option).

For painting, a hose with an internal Ø of 13 mm (small machine) and minimum 16 mm (large machine) is recommended.
For diffusion air, a hose with an inner Ø of 10 mm is recommended.
Use a diffusion air pressure lower than the pressure of the paint tank to improve performance.

Technical features

Opening knob 1/4
Diffusion air 3/8 ”
Paint 3/8 ”
Ø paint passage 11 mm

Ø 2 to 6,2 mm

Ø 4,5 to 7,8 mm

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