BicomTrafic 3900 airless dual component 1:1

High quality road painting machine for cold thermoplastics 1:1.

100% perfect catalysation, thanks to the 1:1 component that mixes 2 totally indistinct pumps, we can combine the pressures to reach a perfect catalysation. The result is a perfect road line, in the tracing and drying.

Double nozzle system manufactured by Tecmapro with greater precision and comfort in manual marking. The new gun has all Graco spare parts, it is very simple, light and easy to handle. It is very durable and requires very little maintenance.


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We are pioneers in the Two-Component 1:1 road marking industry. With this technology, cold thermoplastic paint offers excellent performance and quality, improving the performance of any conventional paint.

With Bicomtrafic IV 3900, an even more productive, safe, self-sufficient and easy to operate machine has been achieved. Thanks to the incorporation of the larger Endurance pump technology and the new Chromex piston shaft, which increases the life of the pump, while guaranteeing total compatibility with water-based, dye-based and water-based paints, the Bicomtrafic IV 3900 is even more efficient, safe, self-sufficient and easy to operate.

Technical features

Exclusive design: Designs developed to meet the needs of road marking professionals.

Graco warranty: Graco technology and spare parts: the world leader in road markers.

Excellent performance: 2 years of permanence on asphalt!

Airless systems: Fast response in running and cleaning. Absolutely straight lines.

Advantages and performance improvements of cold thermoplastic compared to other products:

– Much lower dosages than thermoplastic paints.

Hot thermoplastics: 3000-4000 gr/m2
Cold thermoplastic (2-component): 900 gr/m2
Conventional paints: 720 gr/m2

– Extremely short drying time, which makes it a product in direct competition with hot applied thermoplastics.

– Excellent adhesion. Both on flexible pavements (asphalt) and rigid pavements (concrete).

– Long service life. Increased resistance to ageing and abrasion

– Better night visibility. Retroreflection values higher than those obtained with hot thermoplastics and higher than the minimum values established throughout the life of the road marking.

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