CONEX® – Metering Pump System

Bomba dosificadora para la dosificación CONtinua y EXacta de los diferentes medios de marcaje

Según la técnica de aplicación, se utiliza bomba de émbolo o de fuelle

Imagen: Ejemplo de una bomba de la línea de producto CONEX®

Can be used for almost all types of hot and cold painting with and without spheres/additives (abrasive materials).

Plunger pump:
No hidden plungers working in the conveying cylinders, there are exclusively sealing seals on the outside which can be visually checked. Optimal sealing force due to the tractor effect, in contrast to conventional plunger pumps which are subjected to high tensile and pressing forces during the sealing process. Condition for the processing of abrasive materials.

Bellows pump:
There are no hidden plungers working in the conveying cylinders as it is a sealless system.

Line width and thickness are entered into the MALCON4 device.

The required paint quantity according to the speed is transmitted via CAN-Bus to the pump which conveys the quantity of material in a controlled manner.

The coating thickness resulting from the feedback is recorded with GPS coordinates according to ZTV-M (German standard).

By recording further data from the operation, reports can be compiled which will be welcomed by the contractor.

No pulsations that negatively influence the quality of the marking and no loss of material.

Technical features

Metering pumps for 1-component cold paint applications
Delivery capacities:
12 l/min, 18 l/min or 24 l/min

Metering pumps for 2-component cold plastic paint applications
Delivery capacity: approx. 35 l/min

Metering pumps for 2-component cold sprayable plastic paint applications
Delivery capacities: 12 l/min, 18 l/min or 24 l/min

Metering pumps for applications with thermoplastic sprayable paints
Delivery capacity: approx. 40 l/min

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