Disperglass 5.19 proyeccion-esferas

Disperglass 5.19 projection of aggregates and glass beads

Machine for projection of glass microspheres and anti-slip products.

Machine specially designed for road marking in the spraying of reflective materials (glass microspheres…) and/or anti-slip products (aggregates…).aerographic and pressurised system designed for post-mixing spraying of solids on horizontal road markings

The pressurised spraying of glass microspheres and anti-slip products allows the product to resist abrasion for a longer period of time as, thanks to the pressure, it is introduced into the paint in a compact way and not superficially. It also reduces working times and improves productivity.

It has a gun suitable for the passage of abrasive products, with the possibility of changing different product passages. Its 10-litre stainless steel boiler has two safety valves, pressure gauges and easy opening. Disperglass 4.19 incorporates a 4hp petrol compressor, 10 litre boiler, analogue regulators and filter regulator.

Our R+D+i Department designs and manufactures road marking machinery and accessories to suit our customers’ needs, spare parts for machinery, complements for marking and specialised consumables.

Technical features

Motor compressor:

Fuel : Petrol
Engine : Honda GP 160 (4 Stroke)
Power : 5HP (3.6 Kw.)
Air flow: 275 l/min.
Revolutions per minute: 3400
Air tank: 20 litres
Maximum pressure: 10 bar. (145 PSI)
Tank capacity: 3.1L

Pressurised Product Tank:

Pressure Max. : 9 bar.
19 litres of Product
Stainless Steel Body
Double Regulation:
Internal pressure
Independent gun pressure
Double safety valve (6 Kg. /cm3)
Lower product outlet
Lid with easy opening system (ball-lock)
Lid with vacuum effect filling

Hoses :

Air Hose 8×15 ( 8 meters)
Special Product Hose for solids (8 metres)

Air Spray Gun DP-5.0 :

Special for spraying abrasive materials
Optional : Nozzles of different flow rates.


Stainless steel self-supporting
Reel for double hose
Optional: Manually steerable front wheel

Application pressure:

1,5 / 2 bar.

Unladen weight:

45 Kg.

Dimensions (cm.) (width x height x length):

60 x 100 x 120 cm.

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