FieldLazer ES100

FieldLazer ES100 (Battery)

Part Number: 25U543 – (Batería)

FieldLazer ES 100, thanks to its simple battery power combined with Graco’s paint-saving high-pressure technology, is the preferred choice of professionals involved in grounds maintenance.

FieldLazer ES 100, with its simple battery power combined with Graco’s paint-saving high-pressure technology, is the preferred choice for professionals involved in playground maintenance.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, the FieldLazer ES 100 Field Marker uses airless spray technology that offers faster application speeds, reduced paint usage and crisper lines.

Technical features

  • High level of comfort
    No engine noise, vibrations and exhaust fumes
    Perform your task in better job site conditions and without interruptions
    Walk behind the unit while spraying, not beside it
    Handlebar controls conveniently accessible to reduce operator fatigue
    Unique high wheel design for easy passage over uneven terrain
    Low consumption rate
    Capable of spraying 3-4 litres of paint per football field
    Comes with two 6.0 Ah DeWalt® FlexVolt® batteries for continuous stenciling and marking on up to five football fields
    Fan-cooled quick charger recharges the battery in less than 60 minutes
    Returns all material from the hose for minimal waste after every job
    Quality by designSuperior airless technology paints sharper, longer lasting lines
    Proven design with ProXChange power piston pump reduces downtime and allows for quick tool-less repair in the field
    Ability to spray all types of paints from the bucket
    Increase your speed
    Faster airless spraying for maximum performance and unmatched productivity
    PushPrime, InstaClean and gun filters for reduced maintenance
    Easy and compact transport with folding handle design
    Stencil work can be easily carried out

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