Hofmann H16 road marking machine

A slim and handy banding machine

Hydraulic wheel motor drive with infinitely variable speed control.

Hydraulic multi-disc parking brake.

Large wheelbase and front wheel steering system for excellent handling where work results are highly dependent on manoeuvrability Application units favourably located at the rear of the machine.

Low position of the driver’s seat as well as the platform; convenient access for getting on and off.

Good accessibility to the machine installation for maintenance work Line widths: 10 to 50 cm (depending on equipment)

Technical features


Kubota turbodiesel engine
4-cylinder 1500 cm³,
low emission (EU Stage IIIA resp. TIER 4 Interim standard)

26.2 kW at 3000 r.p.m.

4-cylinder Kubota turbodiesel engine 1500 cm³, water-cooled, low-emission (EU Stage IIIA resp. TIER 4 Interim standard)

33.0 kW at 3000 r.p.m.

Air output
up to 1000 l/min at 6 bar (2-cylinder compressor).

Ball receiver:
up to 70 l

Dimensions (L x W x H mm):
3950 x 1325 x 1650 (depending on equipment).


Cold paints up to 225 l
2-component cold plastic paints up to 225 l
2-component cold sprayable plastic paints up to 225 litres
Thermoplastic paints up to 200 l
Sprayable thermoplastic paints up to 200 litres

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