Hofmann H26 road marking machine

Road marking machine for the application of sprayable thermoplastic paints, with 2 spray guns and atomiser air heating.

Robust and efficient 7t machine axle construction with hydraulically switchable speeds, combined with a high-speed hydraulic motor for stripe painting.

Cooling system with automatic adaptation of fan speed to ambient temperature and machine load (noise reduction under normal machine load and higher cooling capacity under extreme load conditions).

Full cooling air inlet from the top of the machine – away from spray mist

Two pressurised ball tanks. The ball filling openings are located on the outer sides of the machine at an optimum height.

Operator’s platform with all instruments can be moved to both sides, no guide rails need to be installed beforehand.

The arrangement of the control and monitoring elements can be easily modified according to individual requirements. Easily removable, movable gun holder for central and side markings

Easy accessibility to the machine installation for maintenance work. High ground clearance for easy maintenance work even from underneath the machine.

Excellent view of the surroundings, also when reversing.

Different application units (interchangeable tanks) are easily stackable with minimum effort, thanks to quick-locking systems and modular construction.

Technical features

Line widths: 10 to 100 cm (depending on equipment)

Kubota 4-cylinder 3 800 cm³, water-cooled turbo diesel engine 74.0 kW at 2 600 rpm.
Type I: low emission EU Grade II or (US) EPA Tier 2
Type II: low emission EU Grade IIIA or (US) EPA Tier 3
Type III: low emission EU Grade IIIB or (US) EPA Tier 4 Interim with Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Air output, optional: 1,300 to 2,400 l/min at 7.5 bar; Compressed air radiator
Pressurised sphere tanks:
2 x 160 l (max. 3 bar).

Dimensions (L x W x H mm):
5 300 – 6 100 x 1 340 x 2 380 (depending on equipment).
Weight, equipped:
approx. 2 400 to 4 200 kg


Cold paints up to 920 l
Cold 2-component plastic paints up to 600 l
2-component cold sprayable plastic paints up to 800 l
Thermoplastic paints up to 500 l
Thermoplastic sprayable paints up to 600 l

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