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Hofmann RP30/50 road marking machine

A hand-driven machine for reworking, repainting, etc., as well as for crossings and parking areas.

The RP30/50 is the further development of our proven hand-driven machine for thermoplastic paints.
With its indirectly heated shoe, it has a number of advantages compared to simple shoes without heating:

Adjustable chassis width for the use of different shoe widths.
The indirect heating of the shoe (gas burner/heating oil) ensures a high and uniform temperature of the lock and prevents it from cooling down due to the effects of wind or during breaks.
The shoe locks have sliding slides made of hard, wear-resistant metal.
A constant layer thickness can be set by means of the shoe lock.
The contact pressure of the shoe against the road surface is adjustable. This makes it particularly easy to push the machine. The weight is distributed between skids and wheels.
Three wheels ensure good stability in a straight line. A visor also makes work easier.


Battery-powered bead disperser
Sphere spreader.
Marking application for visually impaired persons.

Alternative: The 30 cm shoe for thermoplastic paints of the RP30 can be replaced by a shoe with a locking flap kit.
The set of closing flaps depends on the desired requirements,
e.g. 5 cm + 5 cm + 8 cm + 7 cm + 5 cm or 5 cm + 5 cm + 5 cm + 5 cm + 5 cm + 5 cm + 5 cm + 5 cm, whereby each locking flap can be activated individually.
Other locking flap sets are available with a minimum width of 3 cm and a maximum width of 30 cm.

Line widths: 10 to 50 cm

Technical features

The gas burner ensures the right temperature in the storage tank, on the skid and on the material outlet flap.

Ball tank (option):
up to 20 l

Bead disperser with battery (option):
18 V, 5 Ah
Dimensions (L x W x H mm):
Line width 30 cm: 1,600 x 1,000 x 1,000
Line width 50 cm: 1 500 x 1 200 x 1 000
(depending on equipment)

Weight (with ball disperser, without gas bottle):
30 cm line width: approx. 120 kg
Line width 50 cm: approx. 130 kg

Weight (without ball spreader, without gas bottle):
30 cm line width 30 cm: approx. 95 kg
Line width 50 cm: approx. 105 kg

RP30 shoe with closing flap set:
Weight (with ball spreader, without gas bottle):
Line width 30 cm: approx. 145 kg

Weight (with ball spreader with battery and accelerator roller, without gas bottle):
Line width 30 cm: approx. 162 kg

Weight (without ball spreader, without gas bottle): 30 cm line width: approx. 120 kg

Capacities: Thermoplastic paints: Without material hopper


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