LineLazer ES 1000 Battery/Electric

Part Number: 25U675 – STANDAR (1 Pistolas) (Bateria) 

The industry’s first electric line striper, the LineLazer ES 1000 is powered by a high-performance battery that allows it to be used safely indoors while still having the power and performance needed for outdoor work. Go green with this quiet, smoke-free line striper!

Discover the silent and fume-free solution for all lining applications.

Go green with the first electric airless liner tracer.

No exhaust, no noise and no vibrations. These are important aspects when marking in the food and beverage industry, in warehouses and distribution centres, but also at night and in normal daytime activities.

The new LineLazer ES 1000 brings all these aspects together in a single marking device. It is powered by a high-performance battery that eliminates fuel costs as well as fumes, noise and vibrations, while guaranteeing clear line striping.

The absence of engine noise allows it to be used for both day and night work. As it does not generate vibrations, it guarantees perfect lines on all types of surfaces and reduces user fatigue. Finally, as it is fume-free, it can be used to draw lines indoors without disconnection or interruption to production.

Enhanced capacity: Sealed, maintenance-free battery design allows spraying up to 75 litres per charge and up to 200 litres with a dual battery.
Simply plug it in to recharge: thanks to the built-in 230V smart charger, there is no need to search for chargers.
Infinite spraying time: full capacity for stationary applications by plugging the unit directly into a power socket.

Technical features

No engine noise
Carry out any task at any time without your engine emitting any disturbing noise.

The engine generates no vibration
Allows perfect lines to be drawn on all surfaces and reduces user fatigue.

Smoke-free engine
Allows you to draw lines indoors without the need for production stoppages or interruptions.

100 Ah deep cycle AGM battery pack
Sealed, maintenance-free battery design for lining up to 20 gallons (75 litres) per charge. The addition of a second battery connected in parallel increases capacity, reduces voltage drop while under load and triples run time, allowing you to line up to 60 gallons (227 litres) per charge.

Built-in 12V charger
Simply plug in to recharge – no need to remove the battery.

Fits 120V/230V in EMEA
Achieve infinite striping when using the equipment for fixed applications in a single location with 120V wall outlet power (230V in EMEA). Just plug it in.

SmartControl 2.5
Advanced pressure control system provides a constant spray fan resulting in unmatched line quality.

Unique resistance pump
Pump performance is the best in the industry thanks to this field-proven design.


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