Metering technology / AMAKOS®

Los sistemas dosificadores HOFMANN satisfacen las exigencias y condiciones más estrictas en la técnica de marcaje relativas al cumplimiento y comprobabilidad de los valores preasignados.

Application techniques available:
– Cold coatings
– 2-component cold plastic paints
– 2-component cold sprayable plastic 2-component paints
– Thermoplastic paints
– Sprayable thermoplastic paints


Speed-proportional application of marking materials with constant and automatic coating thickness maintenance

Constant line thickness despite changing marking speeds.

Permanently constant conveying quantity, independent of speed, pressure and material viscosity.

No pulsation (no pulsation dampers).

No progressive wear which would reduce the quantity conveyed and which would make regular calibration and readjustment necessary.

This technique has been known since 1980 under the name AMAKOS®.

AMAKOS® stands for
Application of
Signalling materials with Automatic and
Coating thickness

Most HOFMANN pump spraying systems can be used with the NO-AMAKOS® or AMAKOS® technique.

Technical features

The diagram shows in which range the signalling speed can vary.

A Air spray application
B Airless application
C Airless application with line width stabilizer

Airless application allows a more limited speed variation range than airless application. The maximum achievable speed is usually 1.5 times the minimum speed, a factor of 3 is possible here when using the line width stabiliser.

You can combine lines with up to three guns without any problems (except for two-component materials).

When opening the second or third gun, the pump is adjusted to spray the corresponding amount of material.

Speed-proportional application. This system allows the vehicle speed to be varied within a wide range. However, the layer thickness remains constant. The homogeneity of the specified layer thickness no longer depends solely on the skill and professionalism of the specialists. AMAKOS®: Advantages as with HOFMANN Non-AMAKOS® but in addition no speed control is necessary.

Constant performance system, adjustable independently of the speed. Constant monitoring of pressure and viscosity is no longer necessary.

Conventional (pressure-controlled pump):
coating thickness depends on pressure, viscosity, speed. High workload for the operator.

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