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The horizontal boiler is indirectly heated (with heat transfer oil) by a gas or oil burner (12V, 24V or 230V).

HK800-1: 880 l / aprox. 1310 kg

HK1000-1: 1100 l / aprox. 1485 kg

  • The heated intermediate wall (with a step) improves melting capacity.
    Two-chamber system: by feeding new material into the upstream chamber, the material in the downstream chamber is hardly cooled at all, so that melt is regularly available.
    Reliable sealing of the agitator shaft mechanism against heat build-up.
    Recirculation system for the heat transfer oil.
    Heating of the agitator shaft.


    Heating module for preheating the heat transfer oil.

Technical features

Tank quantity (gross) /
Weights (incl. heat transfer oil, without power station)

HK800-1: 880 l / approx. 1310 kg

HK1000-1: 1100 l / approx. 1485 kg

Energy station 3,1 kW: approx. 115 kg
Power station 4,6 kW: approx. 242 kg
Power station 10,0 kW: approx. 390 kg
Heating module for preheating: approx. 65 kg

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