LineLazer 3400

Part Number: 25M224

The Graco Linelazer 3400 marker is ideal for maintenance work, car parks, etc., thanks to its small dimensions, light weight and new features. The Graco Linelazer 3400 line marker is an easy-to-use marker with comfortable handlebars and swivelling wheels.

The new LineLazer™ 3400 can only paint one line at a time, but its small dimensions, light weight and new features make this model perfectly suited for maintenance work, car parks, car parks, companies, communities and residential buildings, sports clubs, football pitches, etc.

This stripe painting machine has a heavy-duty gear system and a clutch that is easy to operate. The maintenance costs of the machine are minimal. It can only paint one line at a time.

The Graco LineLazer 3400 is the proven product for your re-striping jobs. As the preferred choice for professional 1-gun performance, the LineLazer 3400 is perfect for small car parks, mini-malls, sealcoating contractors, schools, and parks and recreation departments.

Ease of operation

Operator controls are located on the handle bars – regulate line striper operation without stopping production!
Handle bars are designed for comfort and better control.
The pivoting front wheel makes line drawing close to edges easier. Draw arcs and curves with ease.
Electronic pressure control provides excellent line quality.
The Chromex pump bar is built for the most demanding striping applications.

Technical features

230 bar (max). Sufficient power to uniformly atomise the thickest products available on the market today.
products available on the market today.
Heavy-duty gear system and maintenance-free clutch.
Simple operation and low maintenance costs.
Endurance™ pump technology
Maintenance “in the field” is easy.
The new Chromex™ piston shaft increases pump life while ensuring full compatibility with water-based, solvent-based and even chlorinated paints.
Electronic pressure control

The electronic pressure control is a system that allows a constant pressure to be maintained, an essential element for quality tracing. In addition to a gradual pump speed, it eliminates pressure variations and dead zones.


  • Max. product flow rate 2.8 l / min.
  • Max. Operating pressure 227 bar
  • Max. Nozzle size (1 gun) 0.027
  • Engine, Gas 120 cc
  • Weight (unit) 65 kg (166 lbs)
  • Includes 1 gun

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