LineLazer V 250 DC Reflective

Part Number:17H471-HPAUTO (2 Pistolas) AUTO
Part Number:17H472-HPAUTO (3 Pistolas) AUTO
Part Number:17H473-HPRFL (2 Pistolas) AUTO/2TANK
Part Number:17H474-HPRFL (3 Pistolas) AUTO/2TANK

Ideal design for use in airports, municipalities, Departments of Transportation or by anyone who needs to spray marked lines or other two-colour lines. Options: 2 Pumps, 2 or 3 sphere tanks and 2 or 3 guns.

The industry’s first self-contained, self-propelled line marking unit. The LineLazer V 250 DC HP Reflective is a stand-alone line marking solution for better visibility and sharp lines. This is the latest evolution in the horizontal road marking sector.

Ideally designed for use in airports, municipalities, Departments of Transport or by anyone requiring to draw spray marked lines or other bi-coloured lines.

The LineLazer V 250DC HP Reflective reverses productivity and flexibility in line marking by spraying two colours simultaneously in patterns as wide as 36 inches (914.40 mm).

Technical features

Innovative features for pavement marking professionals:

Features of the Reflective HP series:

EasyMark gun adjustment system: Simple gun positioning and guidance marking system allows for perfect gun set-up every time.
Automatic gun control system: Control of manual or automatic paint and bead guns at the touch of a button.
Auto Layout II: Unique green laser guidance reduces laydown time by half (depending on country)
Data logging with J-Log system: On-board job information for evidence of completion
On-board power: 12V battery for all your attachments
Graco dual hydraulic motors: Stall-preventing design offers uninterrupted performance
Dual Endurance displacement pumps: provide precise flow for a wide range of lining materials
Exclusive self-centring front wheel – provides easier operation
Front or rear gun mount: Use up to six guns to create straighter, longer lines
13 hp Honda GX engine: Electric start for ease of use
Pressurised bead system
Innovative bead tank with unmatched performance
Provides seamless bead integration
Pneumatic valves for start/stop indication
Installed and ready for operation


Ideal for many types of pavement marking applications including:

City streets
Bicycle paths
Car parks


Max. product flow rate 9.5 l/m x 2
Max. Operating pressure 230ar x2
Max. Nozzle size
(1 gun) 0.0.55
(2 guns) 0.039
Engine, Gas 390cc -13HP-
Weight (unit) 285 kg
Paint hopper: 90kg
Forward/Reverse speed: 16km/h – 9km/h

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