LineLazer V 5900

Part Number:17H454-STANDAR (1 Pistola)
Part Number:17H455-STANDAR (2 Pistolas)
Part Number:17K580-HPAUTO (1 Pistola)
Part Number:17K636-HPAUTO (2 Pistolas)
Part Number:17K581-HPAUTO (2 Pistolas)

Graco’s Linelazer 5900 marker has been designed with all the new technologies of the LineLazer™ V for precise and consistent lines. Perfect for car parks and street marking, this machine is highly versatile and its performance is perfectly suited to the requirements of municipalities and small towns.

The LineLazer V 5900 continues to be the medium to heavy duty line striping solution for professional contractors who recognise the increased productivity this leader offers. With its ability to use 1 or 2 airless paint guns, there is no job too big or small for the LineLazer V 5900, from large car parks, city streets and everything in between. Known for years by professional contractors for its productivity, the innovations of this new generation position the 5900 to once again exceed all expectations.

Digital display

The display now shows psi, mph, instantaneous thousandths of an inch averages, linear foot, gallons and thousandths of an inch totals, all on the same screen.

Never again…

Tape Measurements
MiscalculationsGetting the right measurement
Wasted energy
Missed opportunities

Applications of the Graco Linelazer V 5900 Graco

Road marking
Urban marking
Car parks
Bicycle lanes

Technical features

Graco Linelazer V 5900 Marker Technical Characteristics
Maximum Nozzle Diameter 1 Gun 0.043″ 2 Guns 0.029″ Maximum Nozzle Diameter 1 Gun 0.043″ 2 Guns 0.029
Maximum flow rate 6,0 l/ min
Maximum working pressure 230 bars
Weight 115 kg
Engine Power 160 cc ( 4 kW)
Petrol Tank Capacity 3,6 litres
Mounting Possibility (Optional)

Second Gun Kit
Line Driver
Line Driver
Perlin Dispenser


  • EasyMark gun adjustment system
    Simple guide mark system
    Simple on/off switching of the gun, front/rear
    Perfect gun set-up at all times
    EZ Align front wheel system
    Keeps the unit running in a straight line
    Intuitive design
    DualComfort handlebar system
    Fits all users
    Easy to adjust
    Solid 4-bolt design
    LiveLook display with SmartControl
    Keeps track of all aspects of the job
    Real-time informationThe HP Automatic Series includes features from all standard series and ALSO offers:

    Automatic guns
    Push-button control for precise lines every time
    Automatic Layout System (Auto-Layout II)
    Reduces layout time by half
    Unique green laser guidance (depending on country)
    Data logging in the J-Log system
    On-board job information for evidence of completion
    On-board power supply
    12V battery for all your accessory elements

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